Monday, October 20, 2008

On The Road. Again.

We leave early tomorrow morning, driving out to Missouri to see Nathan graduate from Basic Training. It's a long drive, eleven hours, but totally worth it to give that boy a hug before he leaves for California.
We are staying in a hotel for three nights and since no other pillow will do, I am bringing my own from home.
I'll be spritzing it with this: Bath and Body Works Lavender-Vanilla Sleep Spray. Mmmm. It smells heavenly and sends you off to dream land in no time.

I read somewhere that men should not have too much exposure to lavender, as it can cause the developement of "man-boobs." Gee, I wish I had known that before I sprayed it all over Mr. Smith the other night because he had emitted noxious fumes while I was trying to read.
Maybe I had better pack an extra bra. Just in case.


Amy Ellen said...

Have a safe trip. And may I just say if you go through St Louis, try to go after 10:00 am, but before lunch and before after school hours, LOL. Man the traffic sucks, LOL We went through at like 6:30 am, BIG BIG MISTAKE, my hubby was driving the biggest UHaul known to man. When we were not at a stand still and had to change lanes I had to speed and cut in to traffic and then slow way down so he could pass me and pull in front of me. I don't think we were very popular. I heard a few horns.... Have a safe trip.

Utah Grammie said...

Be safe and enjoy every minute of your visit - the spray sounds wonderful, but alas, I must keep it away from Mr. B !! LOL!

windycorner said...

The pillow is a must on trips. That's news about the lavender.I'll avoid it like the plague now.
Travel safe,