Thursday, October 16, 2008

On Our Way.

Down the road apiece from Frannie's is the small town of Greensburg. It is a place that is enjoying a resurgence of sorts, with plans for improvements being made at every turn.
Like a step into the past, Greensburg offers a peek into a simpler life. It is, quite simply, a gentle place to be.

This is the town looking out from Glover's Station Antique Mall. Can't you just picture women in long dresses and carriages parked where the cars are now?

I loved this window at Glover's. It made me smile with all of its red and white vintage children's items. I really wanted to take that hutch home, but we drove my sister's car and there was no room to be found. Next time I go, I'm bringing the truck.

Our next stop after shopping was the old courthouse, built in 1804. It is beautiful inside and out. This is Nan Montgomery (with Frannie), our gracious hostess who gave us the history of this amazing place. If you look back in the first photo of Greensburg, you will see what used to be the tavern owned by her ancestors. It is the painted red brick building, fourth from the left.

The front door of the courthouse, in its original state. It appears as thought the picture has been stretched wide, but no, this door is really that big. And beautiful.

After our tour of Greensburg and our meeting with the Mayor, we traveled to Rineyville to Kathy "Sugarbucket's" place, Sugar Bucket Antiques. I think by then we were two hours late in getting there. Good think the women in Kentucky don't mind a flexible schedule!

The first order of business was to S*H*O*P in her darling place, a small cabin outfitted with all things primitive. Kathy made the gourd Jack O'Lantern by cutting out the face and then coating the inside with flourescent paint. I love how it glows sitting on the shelf.

A while later we made a sweet little gourd garland (why did I not take a picture?) and then gathered for the Iron Skillet Toss, a game new to me. This is Cathy "Cobblestone" trying her hand at flinging the skillet. It landed in the trees!!

Sweet Millie gave it a whirl, literally, by spinning around until she felt she could let go. We were all a bit dizzy from watching her!

The women look calm now, but there were some scary moments of wondering if they needed to duck!!

Now, I wonder if you can guess who won the skillet toss? Yep, me. Go figure!

Hopping into our cars and driving to another spot in Rineyville, we came to Luna's farm, where we would spend the remainder of our day. The photo above is of the side of her sheep barn. Everyone decorates in Kentucky!!

Luna gave us a demonstration of preparing wool for spinning, from laying the fleece out to pick clean, washing it, carding it and then onto the spinning wheel. Her sheep give the most beautiful, soft wool and I could not resist purchasing a skein of nubbly brown yarn to knit something with.

Millie tried her hand at spinning and turns out she is a natural! This wool was combined with a gorgeous teal acid-dyed wool that fairly sung its way onto the winder.

Baa, baa white sheep. Have you any wool?

Luna's beautiful farmhouse, where we sat and felted tiny orange pumpkins and ate the most blissfully delicious Harvest Stew, with chicken, carrots, potatoes and beets. That and slices of warm bread and butter filled our tummies and warmed our hearts.

After leaving Luna's, we traveled back to Frannie's where we all put on our pj's, gathered for conversation at the Outpost and then turned in for a very welcomed good night's sleep.

Tomorrow, it's back at Frannie's for a whole lot of fun and crafting. See you then!


Blueball Mountain Spindle and Needle Works said...

I just totally love your blog Karin. and I love the way you tell the story of the gathering. Love the pics of the house, barn and my litltle ewe, Meriweather. And you got my better side too!

Love ya


Alpaca Farmgirl said...

Love that y'all got hands-on with the spinning! How fun, and what a lovely day. Thanks for sharing. Your pictures are so nice, and I am enjoying your music as always.
Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your trip, Karin. It's the next best thing to being there! Can't wait to hear more! Rebekah

Blueball Mountain Spindle and Needle Works said...


I love the pictures you took at my farm during the Gathering and was wondering if I could get copies of them. I espcially love the barn wall pic. I would love to put this on my own blog sometime.