Monday, October 20, 2008

Home Sewn.

Usually, the use of the term of "home sewn" is not flattering. In fact, I remember Heidi Klum uttering those words in respect to a designer's outfit on Project Runway this season and thinking to myself, "Ooh. That can't be good."
But then I found this:

Kaari Meng's new book French General Home Sewn. Oh, bliss. If anyone can elevate the term home sewn to a new level, it is Kaari Meng. I want to be her when I grow up, to travel to the French countryside and bask in the glow and softness of homespun linens. I want to gather them up and enrobe my home in them, creating a cocoon to soften the blows of the world outside and give my family a comfy place to land.

Inside the front cover is a pocket of patterns and iron-on transfers that will allow you to create your own works of art. Can you guess what I will be doing this winter? Embroidering everything I own!

Every page is a delight. The rich text evoking the bliss of domesticity and the quiet joy of creating your own haven, or heaven as the case may be.

Simple, well- explained instructions make these projects achievable for every level of sewing expertise. Now that I have seen this, I must make an organizer for my sewing instruments. I believe that they would be very happy in a home such as this.

The ideas are sweet, the images lovely to behold. What Kaari has done is to take the ordinary and give it her extraordinary twist. I promise you that once your eyes gaze upon the pages of this lovely book, you will never look at the humble workhorses tucked away in your linen closet, draped upon your tables or cradling your belongings in the same way again.

Thank you, Kaari, for giving us such a feast for the eyes, a lift to the heart and a reason to create.


windycorner said...

What a beautiful book. Looks like the perfect Christmas gift!

monix said...

This looks irresistible so I have ordered a copy before I have time to think about it. Now, shall I keep it or do as Holley suggests and give it to someone as a Christmas gift? Decisions, decisions .........

Utah Grammie said...

No, if I get this one (which I am NOW planning on, thank you very much) it will be for "moi"!

It looks lovely and I just recently got Kaari's first book - can't wait- is the new one in stores now?? Thanks for sharing this sweet find! Have a wonderful week- my friend :-)

Deb said...

I think this book will be added to my Christmas list :-) Thanks for sharing a little peek inside it!
I found your blog through Dawn & enjoyed my visit here.