Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hello, Mojo.

After visiting Dawn the other day, I realized what has been missing at my house. Atmosphere!
You know, making the place I create conducive to idea flow and inspiration. Dawn had Pandora radio playing on her computer while I was there. I had forgotten all about Pandora myself until a week ago. I used to listen to it all the time but, for some reason, got out of the habit. So, yesterday, I lit a spicy pumpkin candle, signed back in to Pandora, clicked on the Wailin'Jennys and sang along while I played in the craft room.
While I was in there, I found my sewing mojo. It's been missing for a very long time.
I pulled out the beginnings of the quilt I had been working on for Strip Club. (I should say Strip-Piecing Club. Strip Club could get me in trouble.) Sitting down at the sewing table, I began piecing the quilt together at 11:00 in the morning and finished it last night at 9:30.
Here is the result- my very first pieced quilt ever!

I am now hooked. I love how easily it went together, the fact that I could make it totally my own by manipulating the blocks and adding bits here and there.

When this is finished, I will hang it on the wall in the family room for Christmas. I think I will hand-quilt it. I need to keep that sewing mojo busy so that it does not leave again. It took much to long to find it.

Besides, I went to Strip Club this morning and I have a new quilt to work on!!


Utah Grammie said...

I can't believe you did this beautiful piece in one day! You are amazing! Love it - it looks complicated and although I love quilts and live within walking distance to 2 wonderfil quilt shops, Ijust can seem to "get inot it" - I think I am much to impatient - I have such a short attention span - but that's beautiful.

Amy Ellen said...

That is so pretty. I had not visited in awhile, : ( Just added your this site. Love the pics and the music. And the quilt it lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karin! I see you found your "mojo" indeed! That's SOME quilt...your "mojo" is VERY talented! In fact, I think you should title it "Christmas Mojo" and enter it into a contest.
Thinking of you. Rebekah (The City Farmgirl)

Heather said...

Nice quilt...glad you found your mojo! And as a friend of the Jennys, glad to hear they helped sing you through it! :)

I'll be seeing Nicky this week as she travels through my town, I'll share your story...maybe you'll get some extra mojo that way? ;)

ps. found your blog due to my Google Alert for Wailin' Jennys news. :)

Aunt Jenny said...

Just a beautiful quilt!! I love it!! Your blog is sure inspiring!!

Elizabeth G. said...

Thanks for telling us about Pandora. I'd never heard of it. Now I have an account. What fun!