Tuesday, September 16, 2008


That was the temperature this morning when I took a peek at the outdoor thermometer. Sixty-four chilly, blissful degrees. A slight breeze rustled the leaves and made the air feel cooler still.
There is something about a chilly morning that makes my heart sing. Goosebumps rise on my arms and thoughts of baking and making casseroles begin to emerge. There is an overwhelming feeling of coziness that overcomes me and I want to rush to the kitchen and make a mug of hot chocolate, grab a blanket and settle in on the back porch to sip warmth into my body and enjoy the most simple of pleasures. I am a cool weather girl.
The sticky, hot days of summer do their best to wear me down, sapping every bit of energy from deep inside of me. Autumn rejuvenates me. If I could see my spirit, I'm certain it would be a dancing swirl of leaves, blithe and free.
The days that I look forward to the most are here, brisk mornings and warm afternoons. Darkness settles in early and the lights in people's homes go on, casting their golden glow out into the night. It is a peaceful time, quiet and still. The kinetic, energy-filled summer days are slowing down, preparing for a more restful pace. Time itself seems to slow as well.
Like a squirrel preparing for winter, I am beginning to set aside projects for the coming days. Soft, warm wool yarns for blankets fill the basket in my craft room. Dreamy cotton fabrics and lofty batting wait to be made into quilts to snuggle under. The pantry shelves are being filled with provender suited to create meals of classic comfort foods - macaroni and cheese, shepherd's pie, lasagna and soups. I can already smell the scent of cookies baking in the oven and pies cooling on the counter tops. Just a few more weeks and it will be here, and I will be in heaven. How about you?


monix said...

I'm a kindred autumn spirit. I've always wondered if our temperament is set by the season we are born in. I was an autumn baby and have always been at my best at this time of year.

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Karen....reading your post, I just want to come over, cuddle up with a snuggly quilt, have a piece of fresh baked pie and visit with you!!! Such wonderful writing you do... I'm there! I love fall as well, it truly makes me smile...xxoo, Dawn

Ada Mae said...

I had not looked at the thermometer until I read your post. It is 58 here in south central Kentucky. The sun is peaking out a little. I too love this time of the year--you can turn off the air conditioner and leave the windows up. I did some fall decorating yesterday--that really put me in the fall mood.