Monday, September 1, 2008

Excuse Me, I Have To Go Wii.

About a month ago my son bought himself a Wii system. He had saved up his paychecks until he had enough to buy one. He had to wait a long time, as they are very difficult to find, the proverbial needle in a haystack. But, find one he did, and he has been in heaven ever since. Surprisingly, so have I.
Together we bowl, golf, play baseball and tennis. He is much better at these games than I am, but he seems to put up with me. I'm almost certain it's because he wins every time.
A week after the Wii came into our home, I convinced my husband that we needed to buy the Wii Fit. I really had no idea what it was, I just knew we had to have one. And he relented and bought one. It has changed my whole outlook on video games. More than just a game, it's a way to become healthy and strong with very low impact on the body. Which is good because my body does not like high impact.
I was ill prepared for what the WF could do. First, you create "yourself" as a Mii. Okay, done. Then you stand on a balance board and a little voice says, "Measuring. Measuring."
"What is it measuring?", you ask. It measures your balance as you stand on the board. I started with my point of balance a bit to the left. A little screen popped up and asked if I trip a lot when I am walking. Well, er, yes I do. But how does it know that?
Then the most illuminating bit of information comes as the Wii gives you your BMI (body mass index). I watched as the little arrow slid up towards the top of the scale. This is not a good thing. The little squeaky voice said, "That's obese." Well, thank you. Tell me something I don't know.
After that, you might as well go ahead and let it tell you how much you weigh. I mean, you're already in a state of shock because your Mii, that started out cute and slim, has just puffed out before your eyes. Really? Is that necessary? On top of all that good news, you receive your Wii Age. Mine, thankfully, was lower than my actual age. So why am I so unbalanced?
There are four areas of training to help you stop tripping when you walk; yoga, strength, aerobic and balance. You choose a trainer, male or female, and he/she guides you through the steps of each exercise. The trainers are a bit creepy. Their eyes blink, they talk to you and tell you, "Good job!", when you are done, but their mouths don't move. Wierd.
Anyway, I am happy to report that, after 18 days, I have improved my balance, gained strength in muscles that I had forgotten about and lost 7 pounds. All because of a silly video game and a squeaky voice that still tells me I'm obese, just not as obese as I started.
I cannot wait for my Mii to unpuff.


The Feathered Nest said...

Your blog is so pretty Karin!!! You had me laughing out loud girl! Is that what I need is a Wii and a puffy Mii that I can watch shrink?? I think it's wonderful that it's working too! How cool is that. We've been eating so much healthier too as my health was telling on me! Hey, there is a new cookbook on the newstands it's like a magazine put out by Weight Watchers and it's called 20 minute meals. We made the black-eyed pea salad the other night, yummmm. I got mine at Ingles and saw it at Books a Million too. It's 10.99 but worth it!! I'm so proud of you Karin! xxoo, Dawn (did I fill up your entire comment section?)

Beverly said...

Ooooo, Karin...we have a Wii and I just love it. I have thought about buying Wii Fit...and after your testimonial, I think I will! Thanks!!

smilnsigh said...

That sounds fantastic!

My son and d-i-law and family have a Wii. And she does some aerobic stepping on 'something.' I'll have to ask her if what she has, is the same thing.

Great good luck with continuing. I so need to something/anything continuously. -sigh-

Miss Mari-Nanci
Dans l'esprit d'une grand-mère

Nan said...

I just burst out laughing!! NOW, I know how to pronounce it. :<)

Congrats on what you are doing!! What a cool thing.

Barb Hartsook said...

Hahahaha! Your post title is perfect for the grandma-generation! Wii IS THE WORD everywhere I go, and after reading about your new fitness program, not only can I pronounce it without thinking about it, but I want one toooooo!

The only downside I see to it so far is, my youngest grandson Casey is throwing off his baseball arm, as form in Wii is not as important as it is on the diamond. (Maybe he should re-balance first???) :)

Fun blog...

Charmingdesigns said...

I had no idea there was a "fit" one. That is so great that it works!! laurie