Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Telephone.

I was able to speak to my son for exactly one minute on Saturday. He is in Missouri at Fort Leonard Wood, waiting for his basic training to start. It was supposed to begin last week, but has been pushed back to tomorrow.
He has been gone for almost three weeks now, so it was lovely to hear "What are you doing?" when I answered the phone. That's how he always responds to "Hello." Silly boy. What do you think I'm doing? I always answer the same, "Talking to you!"
Through the little miracle that a telephone is, I was able to hear him tell me that he has: been to the dentist, received his shots (except for penicillin because he is allergic), studied his rank emblems, written us two letters, bought new running shoes, had his picture taken and learned how to take apart an M-16, of which I am so thrilled.
I wonder if Alexander Graham Bell had any inkling of the power his invention would have in this world? Because of his telephone, we can be in our cars and call our moms. We can access the Internet and find information on any given subject, including Mr. Bell. We can hear the voice of our sons (and daughters) who are 700 miles away. All because he was trying to make life easier for his deaf mother and wife.
When Nathan was in Mexico serving a mission for two years, he could only call us twice a year- once on Mother's Day and again on Christmas. The anticipation of a phone call and the sound of his voice made me very, very happy. I could not wait to hear what had been happening in the life of my oldest child. It is the same now, only I will get to hear from him once a week.
So, thank you Mr. Bell, for your extraordinary invention that allows mothers everywhere to stay in touch with their children. You will always be one of my heroes.


MNScrapbookmom said...
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MNScrapbookmom said...

I am so glad that I checked your blog. I was hopefull that you would one day write again. Cheers to you, and to Mr. Bell of course. ¥

Utah Grammie said...

My oldest son lives in Colorado and whenever I hear his voice, it make me smile from my toes to the tip of my head - yes, to hear them, even after all those times we wished they "just be quiet" is really a gift.

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

I to loved and waited for my son NATHAN to call home when he was on his mission! That call carried me to the next! Ahhh, the simple, sweet blessings of a phone call.