Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Lady In Black.

This morning, at a traffic light on the way back home from dropping my son off at work, I saw a woman conversing with a man at the car repair garage. At least I thought it was a woman. I had a hard time discerning because this person had a clip board in her (or his) arm and I really could not tell.
I looked at the clothes for a clue. Hmmm, black tank top and black shorts. Pleated shorts. I still could not tell.
Since this person was wearing shorts, I thought the legs would be a dead giveaway. No. From the distance between us, they looked tanned and smooth. The shoes appeared to be huaraches.
So, I decided that yes, it was a woman. Cute short hair cut, nice clothes (Well, except for the tank top. That's just not a good choice for anyone over ten.), shapely legs, and summery shoes.
I continued watching the couple until the light changed from red to green. Giving one last glance to the left, The Lady in Black turned around and I burst out laughing. The Lady in question was actually The Man in Black. The moustache was a dead giveaway.
I'm making an appointment with the eye doctor today.