Friday, August 29, 2008

The Fabric Shop.

Not very far from my house is a quilt shop with the most delicious selection of fabrics, hands down. A Scarlet Thread started out in a small house and grew to the point that three-thousand bolts of fabric were stored in a little house out back. Days were spent going in and out of the back door to get a selection for someone. Then in and out again to return them.
In June of this year, they moved to a new, larger location. I miss the charm of the little house, but I cannot walk in this new store and not feel deliriously happy.
Wall after wall of bolts of eye candy, lined up in perfect little rows. Shelves of pastels, baby prints, Christmas prints, plaids, stripes, polka dots, greet you at every turn. It makes for one very indecisive me, I can tell you.
I went there today with my friend, Cilla. She had been in England for the summer at her parent's and had not had the chance to see the new digs. You know that breath a child takes the first time they see Santa Claus? That was Cilla. It happens to everyone the first time they enter through the door.
The staff is comprised of the most wonderful women. You walk in, unknown to them and you leave as though you have just spent the afternoon with your best friends. I love them all, in spite of the fact that they encourage my weakness for a soft piece of cotton and say, "I'll cut this for you so you can go look around some more." Isn't that the nicest thing?
It is a delightful change of pace to find a place like that, where the line between business and friendship is blurred to the point that it is unrecognizeable.
Next Saturday morning, Cilla and I are going to the Scarlet Strippers Club. It is much more tame than the name implies. You go, you watch a demonstration on piecing a quilt top, you pick up your kit and away you head towards home to begin building a new family heirloom. How cool is that? All for $35!! (Batting and backing not included.)
If you ever have the chance to visit Georgia, or live in the area, put A Scarlet Thread on your list of places to stop. You'll be very happy that you did.
PS- If this sounds like a shameless advertisement for my favorite quilt shop to you, you would be absolutely correct in your assumption. It's my blog, after all. :)

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