Saturday, August 9, 2008


Running in unison, they came around the hedge,
Legs the color of creamy coffee, kissed by sunshine,
Still wearing the innocent curves of childhood.

Stopping at the curb, the legs untangled and
gave way to children playing on a Sunday afternoon.
Sweet smiles graced their faces as they crossed the street.

Gathering together again, they round a corner
And disappear into the shadows.
I am running behind them.

I am small, no more than seven, gathering
Courage to ask to play.
"Catch us! Catch us if you can!"

My legs move as if in slow motion,
My body slowed by hesitation. I want to go, to run, to play.
"Wait for me, will you?"

A sound sears through my thoughts.
It is the man behind me in his old, blue pick-up.
Move along, he motions.

I turn the corner, not wanting to leave.
Where have I been?
I was chasing childhood.

Original work by Karin K. Smith 2008


Anonymous said...

Karin, that is beautiful.
I feel like I chase my childhood all the time also. It was entirely too short but at the time it seemed entirely too long.
Wonderful poem.
Have a great day!
P.S. I kept meaning to thank you for the wonderful card you sent.
It was so nice.

The Feathered Nest said...

I love this poem's just wonderful. What happens to that sweet, innocent time? We think it will last forever when we are there but we blink and here we are...I miss it too. I love your new blog and always love reading your writing. Thank you for inviting me here! ((((hugs to you dear friend)))) xxoo, Dawn

Utah Grammie said...

This is pretty but also very sad...I feel the loneliness and the wanting. Great words - filled with much feeling.
Here's hoping it's NEVER too late to enjoy a happy childhood!