Tuesday, August 19, 2008


My daughter's cat, Merideth, had kittens last night. From 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon until 11:30, when she finally gave birth to the first kitten, my daughter stayed by her side.
Massaging her back, stroking her head, that girl gave comfort when it was truly needed. Merideth would not let her leave her side.
For brief moments, she would allow me to give her beloved a bit of rest, but really, all she wanted was to be petted and encouraged by the one who loves her the most.

As long as my daughter was near, Merideth was content,
even as she began to deliver the first of two sweet, white kittens.

They are beautiful, Merideth. You did well.

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Utah Grammie said...

I don't care how old we are, or how many times we see the miracle of birth - it never fails to amaze me and fill me with gratitude. Thank you for raising such a sweet child to want to be ther with her kitty. You are a good Mom and she will one day be one too.